A beautiful log viewer capable of handling very large files.

LogFX is a multi-platform, free and open-source log viewer designed to handle very large files without a performance hit.

LogFX is quite lightweight 1, yet has many useful features:

  • extremely fast to open and navigate large files.
  • tail file(s) with option to pause updates at any time.
  • go to date-time in any log file (or all opened files).
  • highlight text using regular expressions rules.
  • group highlight expression for different types of logs.
  • filter content based on highlight expressions.
  • highly customizable look via JavaFX CSS (refreshes instantly).
  • keyboard friendly (shortcuts for everything).
  • organize groups of files and highlight rules into Projects.
[1] LogFX is an approximately 35MB download, including the JavaFX runtime, or a tiny 270KB jar if you already have an appropriate JVM!
It can run with as little as 25MB of RAM (edit the launcher script, bin/logfx by adding -Xmx25m to the VM_OPTIONS environment variable if you want to restrict LogFX memory!).